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This TEAS biology review is ONLY available to Prenursing Smarter members.

You'll likely have questions on the anatomy of a human cell, so get this TEAS biology review that will help you master these concepts. Includes audio lesson and discussion of organelles to help you with your TEAS biology review on cells and cellular biology.

Lessons focus on organelles and body cells for the TEAS. Includes audio lesson.

Kate Raiford
Kate Raiford

Hi, I'm Kate! I have a plan to get you into nursing school. Goal #1: Help you rock the TEAS 6!

I love helping college students break through educational barriers. With my years of college-level teaching and tutoring experience, I’ve taught packed TEAS exam review courses and popular writing workshops for nursing students. Pre-nursing students are busy, and I help them focus, plan, and attack the tough stuff with strategy.

Now, I'm excited to use my years of experience to help busy students like you get the TEAS 6 score you want!