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    Welcome to the Prenursing Smarter Library!

    • Hello from Prenursing Smarter!

    • What's in the full program? 👀

    • QUIZ - 30 TEAS practice questions

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    📚 Library Downloads 📚

    • Respiratory System Study Guide Workbook 👃

    • Science Checklist + Study Tips 🔬

    • TEAS Reading: Quick Reference Library 📕

    • TEAS Study Planner and Syllabus 🗓️

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    What's next...

    • What are your TEAS goals?

    • Thank you! Before you go...

    • BONUS: TEAS Math Study Checklist

    • BONUS: TEAS English Study Checklist

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Kate Raiford

I love helping college students break through educational barriers. With my years of college-level teaching and tutoring experience, I’ve taught packed TEAS exam review courses and popular writing workshops for nursing students. Pre-nursing students are busy, and I help them focus, plan, and attack the tough stuff with strategy. Now, I've helped hundreds of student prep for the TEAS online. Ready to learn how you can study smarter to score higher?

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