Course curriculum

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    Create a Schedule that Works for You

    • Get Your Prenursing Smarter Interactive Checklist 🎬

    • Binge Watch Prenursing Smarter (Direct links to all audio and video lessons)

    • TEAS Study Syllabus and Study Planner

    • Tools to Try... (Recommendations & Links!)

    • {Quick List} 5 Most Important Steps for Your Study Schedule

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    🌟 Sample Task Lists (Downloads) 🌟

    • Anatomy and Physiology Task List

    • Chemistry and Biology Task List

    • English Language Task List

    • Math Task List

    • Reading Task List

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    Feeling Stuck? How to Get Out of a Rut...

    • {Action Steps} When You Feel a Rut Coming...

    • {Mindset} When You Feel a Rut Coming...