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This TEAS Math conversion and proportion lesson is ONLY available to Prenursing Smarter members.

Examine when to use a proportion with different types of TEAS Math questions and watch how to solve examples.

Master TEAS 6 Math conversions and proportions with this video lesson and PDF download. Learn how to set up a proportion, clues to common TEAS Math questions that can be solved with a conversion or a proportion, and mistakes to avoid.

Includes TEAS Math conversion and proportion practice questions and PDF download.

Kate Raiford
Kate Raiford

Hi, I'm Kate! I have a plan to get you into nursing school. Goal #1: Help you rock the TEAS 6!

I love helping college students break through educational barriers. With my years of college-level teaching and tutoring experience, I’ve taught packed TEAS exam review courses and popular writing workshops for nursing students. Pre-nursing students are busy, and I help them focus, plan, and attack the tough stuff with strategy.

Now, I'm excited to use my years of experience to help busy students like you get the TEAS 6 score you want!